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Lee Jung-jae jumps in to produce first film

Apr 15,2017
Actor Lee Jung-jae, who only recently confirmed his appearance in the new movie “Overheard,” has also announced his appearance in another project with the working title “Namsan,” according to various sources yesterday.

A busy few months are ahead for the actor, who is regarded as one of the best actors in Korea’s movie industry. For “Namsan” however, Lee will try production for the first time in his 24-year acting career.

“Namsan” was originally scheduled to be produced two years ago, but was ultimately cancelled due to internal problems. However, Lee revitalized the film after reading the script and created a new production team.

“Namsan” takes place in the 1980s, when the military dictatorship was at its pinnacle. It depicts the events occurred during the building of the Agency for National Security Planning. With the adaptation of the script still in the works, it is currently expected to be a spy movie.

By Kim Jung-kyoon