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White marble statue dates to 10th century

Apr 18,2017
Name: Stone Seated Bodhisattva from Hansongsa Temple Site, Gangneung, Gangwon

Period: Goryeo Period (877-1392)

Location: Chuncheon, Gangwon

Status: National Treasure No. 124

Originally kept at the Hansongsa Temple site in Gangneung, Gangwon, this white marble piece was taken to Japan in 1912 and returned to Korea following the signing of the Korea-Japan Treaty on Basic Relations of 1965.

It is in relatively good condition, except for evidence of a reattached head.

The statue wears a tall, cylinder-shaped crown, with usnisa (a protuberance symbolizing supreme wisdom) atop the crown.

The right hand holds a lotus branch up to the chest. The forefingers of both hands are extended outward. The right foot is behind the left one. These foot positions are the opposite of its twin (Treasure No. 81) found at the same temple.

The cylinder-shaped crown, the plump face and the gentle smile are features shared by the Stone Seated Bodhisattva at Sinboksa Temple Site, Gangneung and Stone Seated Bodhisattva of Woljeongsa Temple, Pyeongchang, Gangwon, (Treasure Nos. 84 and 139, respectively).

This one was presumed to date to the 10th century during the early Goryeo Period (877-1392).