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2017.5.10 Hotel events

May 10,2017
Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel

To May 16: Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel presents authentic Chinese cuisine for the ‘China@Feast’ promotion bring held in the hotel’s restaurant Feast on 41st floor. Chinese cuisine is prepared by guest chefs from Le Meridien Zhengzhou in China. Enjoy the traditional and modern tastes of China with a wide selection of Chinese dishes made fresh by guest chefs from Le Meridien Zhengzhou. The selection of Chinese cuisine that the guest chefs will showcase include various kinds of congee, such as rice congee with preserved eggs and pork, congee with fish fillet or congee with beef and egg, and more. Also, guests can experience the different dishes from various Chinese regions such as, deep-fried shrimp with spicy salt, Shanghainese style baked chicken with shallots and ginger in Cantonese style, the classic Xinjiang lamb skewer, Sichuan spicy tofu pudding with squid, Macao style stir-fried pork with pineapples in sweet and sour sauce, pan-fried beef spare rib with eggplant in Hangzhou style and Wok-fried mixed seafood with Hunan style spicy sour chili sauce. The cost is 63,000 won including tax.

Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel: (02) 2211-2100

662 Gyeongin-ro southwestern Seoul


Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul

To Aug. 27: Located at the heart of Mt. Namsan in the center of downtown Seoul, Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul presents “M&M (Mango & Melon) Dessert Buffet”, featuring various mango and melon desserts. Building on the success of the extremely popular “Very Vary Berry Strawberry Dessert Buffet,” the M&M Dessert Buffet will welcome those wanting to beat the heat.

The menu was created collaboratively with pastry shop Mont St. Clair by Japanese patissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi. The dessert buffet offers more than 30 different mango and melon treats such as mango cream cake, melon strudel and the summer specialty mango and melon milk bingsoo, or Korean style shaved ice. Chefs will also serve fresh tropical fruit skewers at the live kitchen station. Various salads and dishes such as tropical fried rice and chicken wings will also be available.

M&M Dessert Buffet will have two seatings per day with the first seating from 12 p.m. to 13:40 p.m. and the second seating from 2 p.m. to 3:40 p.m. 1st set 12:00-13:40, 2nd set 14:00-15:40). The cost is 55,000 won ($48) for adults, 40,000 won for those in school, and 25,000 won for pre-school children, including 10 percent tax.

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul: (02) 2250-8000

Jangchungdan-ro 60, central Seoul