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Ryoo Seung-bum joins Kim Ki-duk project

May 12,2017
Actor Ryoo Seung-bum will reunite with director Kim Ki-duk in the director’s new movie with the working title, “Days of Men.”

Various sources in the movie industry claimed Ryoo will join up with Kim in the upcoming movie, which is set to start filming near the end of May.

The two previously worked together in Kim’s 2016 film “The Net” - a drama about North Korean defectors. The movie received critical acclaim and the movie’s attitude towards defectors became a source of debate among Koreans, but the film did not achieve commercial success.

The new movie will also reportedly be a drama, depicting how mankind has survived through the ages.

Korea’s favorite actor Ahn Sung-ki is also weighing up his options and is reported to have been interested in the film, but no confirmation has been provided.

By Kim Jung-kyoon