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Kim Jae-joong cast in KBS drama

June 14,2017

Multi-entertainer Kim Jae-joong, who was recently discharged from the military after completing his mandatory service, will make his first comeback to the entertainment industry via a drama.

A source from the drama industry told Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, that “Kim will star in upcoming KBS drama ‘Manhole: Wonderland’s Feel.’”

The drama is a time travel drama, a common theme in Korean drama in recent years, in which Kim’s character will travel back and forth through time to stop a wedding from taking place.

This is his first activity in two years, since his lead role in the 2015 drama “Spy.”

The drama will air its first episode in August after the ongoing KBS drama, “Queen for Seven Days” finishes up.

By Kim Jung-kyoon