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Choa leaving AOA, denies marriage rumors

June 24,2017
Choa, lead singer of K-pop group AOA, on Friday denied a news report that she was leaving the group to get married.

Choa announced on her Instagram late Thursday that she was leaving her group, citing long-term insomnia and depression as the reasons. A local news organization also reported that Choa recently made a romantic trip to Japan with a 30-something Korean businessman.

“I’m not pregnant, nor did I have an abortion or am leaving the group to get married,” Choa said in her latest Instagram post.

“The decision to leave the group was made after long and hard deliberation. I wish this isn’t discussed as being in connection with another matter,” the 27-year-old further explained.

Included in Choa’s latest post was a picture of her with her two sisters, apparently in Japan.

“The news report suggested that just the two of us went on a trip, but it was the first overseas vacation between us three sisters.”

AOA’s management agency FNC Entertainment said that the Choa’s departure will be decided after sufficient consultations between both sides.