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[New Release] MONSTA X

June 26,2017
Considering that they debuted just two years ago, the seven-membered boy group Monsta X has been rather prolific and daring in both sound and style, having released multiple albums in “The Clan” trilogy since last year. On this repackaged version of their first album, two new songs, “Shine Forever” and “Gravity,” were added to the 12-track album.

A mixture of bass-heavy rhythms and hip-hop, “Shine Forever” is a dance track with sweet lyrics like, “I’m fascinated by the bright light of your beauty.” Two of Monsta X members, Jooheon and I.M, spit verses on the track.

Compared to the upbeat sounds on “Shine Forever,” “Gravity” changes the mood. The simplistic and lyrical melodies were partially written by group members Jooheon and I.M.

This album also includes the song “Beautiful,” which features a catchy chorus that highlights Monsta X’s signature dynamic and synth sounds, mixed with trap and dubstep beats. The track compares a lover to a thorny red rose that is impossible to hold.

By Jeon So-hyun