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[New Release] STELLAR

July 04,2017
Girl groups in Korea are known for a number of commonly used “concepts” while promoting their music that presents them as cute, sweet or lovely. But this five-member girl group has opted for a more of a provocative and overtly sexual concept which has created both buzz and backlash over the years.

The girl group Stellar made their debut in 2011, but it was not until their first mini-album in 2014, which featured the explicit single “Marionette,” that they became known for their provocative style.

The girl group is back from an almost year-long hiatus with a five-track album. The lead single “Archangels of the Sephiroth” starts off with exotic-sounding melodies and incorporates oriental percussion, which gives the song a dream-like feel.Member Gayoung participated in composing and writing the song “Twinkle,” which expresses the group’s gratitude to their fans. It features endearing lyrics like “Thanks for coming to me. I feel like I have become a special person because of you.”

By Jeon So-hyun