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Lee Sun-kyun teams up with Ha Jung-woo

July 13,2017
Two actors that are among the best in the business, Lee Sun-kyun, left, and Ha Jung-woo, will join forces for the upcoming film “PMC.”

According to industry insiders Wednesday, after Ha was already cast in pre-production, Lee confirmed his role in the coming film and is negotiating filming details.

“PMC” is an abbreviation of private military company, and the flick will center on a company that needs to rescue a captive in an underground bunker during times of highly charged tension between North and South Korea.

The movie is to be directed by Kim Byung-woo, who directed the successful 2013 movie “The Terror Live,” where he first worked with actor Ha Jung-woo, who played a lead role.

A busy year continues for both actors. Lee is currently filming another upcoming flick, “Bad Lieutenant,” and will join the cast of “PMC” right after. Ha is also currently shooting, and will join the cast after he wraps up filming for “1987.”

The movie will finalize its casting and start filming in August. It is targeting 2018 as its release date.

By Kim Jung-kyoon