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G-Dragon donates W80 million to UNHCR

Aug 19,2017
G-Dragon of Big Bang celebrated his birthday with donations to charity this Friday.

According to YG Entertainment, he has delivered roughly 80 million won ($70,000) to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Korean Dept. to help those suffering from violence and terror worldwide.

His donation of 80 million won will be used in UNHCR’s “Global Shelter Campaign” that provides a safe environment for two million refugees.

“Peace can only be achieved by our cooperative efforts. It saddens me to see how children must suffer the most from violence, so I hope that my small contribution can help this world become a more peaceful place,” said G-Dragon.

The singer has regularly donated to charities on his birthday, and has urged his followers on social networks to join in.

On the same day, he also released the music video for the single “Bullshit,” included in his second EP album “Kwon Ji-yong,” which garnered controversy after it was released in a USB flash drive format.

By Bae Seung-hoon