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Five-story Stone Pagoda from Unified Silla era

Aug 22,2017
Name: Five-story Stone Pagoda in Jukjang-ri, Gumi

Period: Unified Silla Period

Location: Gumi, North Gyeongsang

Status: National Treasure No. 130

This pagoda is located at Jukjangsa Temple about 2 km (1.24 miles) west of Seonsan-eup.

Stone and roof tile pieces scattered there suggest that it was the site of a building.

The stone pagoda is composed of 100-plus stone materials, including the stone platform and the finial. It is the tallest five-story brick pagoda in the country.

Its body was set up on the two-tiered base, which is a typical style of the Unified Silla Period (676-935).One side of the first story of the body has a niche supposedly used to keep miniature Buddha images.

The roof stone for each story of the body is stair-shaped.

The body of each story, lacking column-shaped inscriptions, and the appearance of each roof stone follow the style of a typical brick pagoda.

This one was believed to have been one of the stone pagodas imitating the brick pagodas found in Andong and Uiseong.

It is a piece representing the stone pagodas of the Unified Silla Period, known for their grandeur, refined taste, and aesthetic quality.