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Park Ha-sun, Ryu Soo-young are now parents

Aug 25,2017
Married actors Ryu Soo-young, left, and Park Ha-sun, right, are the proud parents of a newborn daughter.

Ryu and Park got married last January after two years of dating.

Park’s agents at Slent Glocean announced Thursday that Park had given birth on Wednesday night.

“The child, at 3.5 kg [7 pounds 11 ounces], and the mother, are both in healthy condition,” said the entertainment company.

Ryu achieved fame with his performance in the SBS drama “Successful Story of a Bright Girl” and was awarded the Top Excellence Award for Actors at the 2006 KBS Drama Awards for his role in the KBS drama “Seoul 1945.”

Park became famous for her role as Queen Inhyeon in the 2010 MBC drama “Dong Yi,” and worked with Ryu on the MBC’s drama “Two Weeks.”

Park recently appeared in the film “Midnight Runners,” which has been a surprise hit of the summer.

By Bae Seung-hoon