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Yoon Jong-shin to release single on Aug. 28

Aug 26,2017

Yoon Jong-shin will release his single “Home Made” on Aug. 28, according to Mystic Entertainment this Friday.

“Home Made” is an electronic song that will feature accompaniment by Postino.

Yoon recently experienced a resurgence in fame with the release of his single “Like It,” which got to first place on the Melon and Bugs Singles Charts.

The song is a part of “The Monthly Yoon Jong-shin,” a project aimed at producing singles every month, with a focus on experimental pieces.

Active since 1990, Yoon has had a career not only in singing and songwriting, but as a radio DJ, variety show host and actor as well.

His discography includes more than 18 albums, countless features and song writing credits for other famous artists such as Sung Si-kyung, Jo Sung-mo and IU.

By Bae Seung-hoon