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Kim Tae-hee and Rain await stork’s arrival

Sept 05,2017
Celebrity couple Kim Tae-hee and Rain (birth name Jung Ji-hoon) are expecting their first child between October and November.

Actress Kim Tae-hee, known for starring in TV shows such as “Iris,” and Rain, known for his singing career, which was established worldwide with his 2004 album “It’s Raining,” were famous long before becoming a couple.

Kim and Rain were married on Jan. 19 in a church in Jongno District, central Seoul. Afterward, the agency stated last May that Kim was an expecting mother of 15 weeks. An undisclosed source had reportedly found the gynecologist they frequented and learned that the fetus is female.

“The actress’ private matters notwithstanding, we do not know the gender or details but only the news that Kim wishes for a healthy birth,” said Kim’s agency on Monday through an interview.

Rain’s agency stated, “No further details about the birth were provided, but Rain did speak of wanting a daughter.”

By Bae Seung-hoon