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Pianist Yoohan getting married this month

Sept 22,2017
Pianist Yoonhan is getting married to his girlfriend this month. The musician’s agency, Stomp Music, revealed on Thursday that the two first met during an interview last year and that his fiance earned an MBA at Seoul National University and is currently running a private business.

The couple is not going to go on a honeymoon as Yoonhan is currently working as a professor in the Department of Postmodern Music at Kyung Hee University. He is currently focused on composing new music.

Yoonhan wrote on his Instagram, “I am getting married to the person I love. I always had a vague image of marriage, but I met a person who makes me feel that the time to get married has finally come. She loves all of me and even my imperfections.”

Yoonhan is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and he released his first album, “Untouched,” in 2010.

By Hong You-kyoung