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Jung Joon-ha to take action against trolls

Oct 13,2017
Popular comedian Jung Joon-ha announced his intention to take legal action against people saying malicious things about him on social media and elsewhere on the internet.

In a post on his personal Instagram account, Jung disclosed how he felt, saying that while he has long accepted criticism from others, he has determined that he needs to take action after seeing hateful posts about his family.

According to his post, the comedian has been severely stressed out since earlier of this year due to what he has seen written about him online.

In an interview with Sports Chosun, a local media outlet, Jung said, “To be honest, I almost headed to the police station earlier this year with a lawyer, but I thought, ‘Maybe, I will overlook them once again.’”

He thought that if he showed that he did not care, everything would be fine. Yet, he has changed his mind, saying, “I can accept criticism with justified evidence and I believe we as celebrities should listen to what the audience says. But as a father and a husband, I cannot let keyboard warriors cross the line anymore.”

By Hong You-kyoung