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Hong Sang-soo, wife headed to divorce court

Nov 11,2017
Director Hong Sang-soo and his wife surnamed Jo will move forward with a divorce trial at Seoul Family Court on Dec. 15.

Last November, Hong filed for divorce and Jo has turned down the court’s notice seven times since.

In March, the director publicized his relationship with actress Kim Min-hee, facing fierce criticism from the public. Since Jo showed her unwillingness to divorce despite the affair, Hong decided to take a more coercive measure by requesting the court submit a public notice demanding Jo’s appearance at the trial. The court finally ordered Jo to respond to the divorce suit, therefore setting the first trial date.

Meanwhile, OSEN, a local media outlet, reported Friday that the director and Kim finished filming their fifth film together in September. Kim appears as the lead role in the film, which also stars actor Jung Jin-young.

Hong and Kim became intimate while filming “Right Now, Wrong Then” (2015), and officially acknowledged their relationship after the release of 2016’s“On the Beach at Night Alone."

By Hong You-kyoung