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K-pop festival in Osaka promotes Olympics

Nov 14,2017
The Korean Cultural Center of Japan will host a K-pop festival in Osaka on Nov. 19 to promote the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

With the Olympics approximately 80 days away, the festival aims to gather Korean residents in Japan and fans of Korean culture to hope for the success of the Olympics. An insider at the Cultural Center said, “The festival will be a good place to advertise the Olympics.”

Besides eight teams that won K-pop dance contests organized by the Cultural Center, popular groups such as BTS and Blackpink will be on stage performing recent hits.

In addition, boy band Snuper - which has hit second place on Japan’s Oricon Chart in March with “Oh Yeah!!” - will appear as guests.

Before the performance, an Olympics promotion video with Korean-Japanese sports stars conveying messages will be played along with the introduction of Soohorang and Bandabi, the mascots.

By Hong You-kyoung