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Kim Saeng-min to show Korea how to save

Nov 22,2017
TV shows from tvN and KBS2 starring comedian Kim Saeng-min as the host will air their first episodes this weekend.

Famous for being tight with money, Kim recently found success with his podcast “Kim Saeng-min’s Receipt.” On the podcast, Kim analyzes the consumption patterns of the audience while looking through their receipts and provides advice and tips for saving money. Since premiering in June, the podcast has become a big hit.

KBS aired a TV version of the program in August. After its success, the show has earned a regular time slot on the national broadcast network - Sundays 10:30 a.m. - under the same name as the original podcast.

Another program featuring Kim will air on Saturday nights at 10:20 p.m. The tvN show, “Salt Tour” will follow the host as he travels abroad on a restricted budget. The first few episodes will take place in Osaka.

Comedian Park Myung-soo, Park Na-rae, singer Jung Joon-young and others will also join Kim on his travels.

By Hong You-kyoung