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Cumming: Important to play gay character in 2018

Jan 08,2018
PASADENA, California - Actor Alan Cumming, who is portraying what is believed to be the first gay lead character in a broadcast network drama, said Saturday that it’s particularly important that the milestone is happening during President Donald Trump’s administration.

His crime procedural “Instinct” arrives at a time when Cumming said “the president is actively condoning, by his silence, violence and persecution against the LBGT community.” There was no immediate comment from the Trump administration.

While some might consider this a difficult time to give such a character a platform, Cumming said, “I think it’s actually the perfect time. It needs to be done and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

In real life, Cumming, 52, has described himself as bisexual and has a husband, Grant Shaffer. But he was also once married to a woman.

Cumming portrays Dr. Dylan Reinhart, an author and university professor who is an expert on serial killers, and is asked by New York police to help solve a case where a criminal bases his behavior on one of Reinhart’s books.

Cumming, who played a political strategist on the CBS drama “The Good Wife,” said he was attracted to playing the part of Reinhart because there are so many aspects to the character. The professor is a combination of a fuddy-duddy and a dandy, with expertise in extremely anti-social behavior.