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Cube takes a stand for all its artists

Jan 26,2018
Cube Entertainment will take legal action against all kinds of defamation against its artists both online and offline. Singers Hyuna, Lai Kuan Lin of group Wanna One, girl group CLC, boy band BtoB and many more belong to the agency.

On Thursday, the agency released a statement on Twitter that read “We have completed reviewing legal documents to take action against those who continue to spread rumors that defame our artists.” The statement emphasized, “It is a crime to spread rumors and [post comments that] sexually harass artists.”

Fans welcomed the agency’s decision. “It’s well known Cube doesn’t take legal action for most things,” read one of the comments posted on the announcement on Twitter.

The agency told the Korea JoongAng Daily, “We couldn’t just do nothing because we’ve seen too many rude comments. Seeing comments saying, ‘It’s Cube, they won’t do anything,’ made us want to change our ways.”

The agency’s statement is quite extraordinary as it is uncommon for an entertainment company to announce that they will “monitor all of the artists in our company.”

By Hong You-kyoung