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Director faces more sexual abuse allegations

Mar 10,2018
Kim Ki-duk, an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, sexually assaulted a female staff member, a film industry insider alleged on Friday.

“A female staff member has visited me crying,” said the industry figure, whose identity was not disclosed, in an appearance on an MBC morning show. “She said Director Kim told her to visit him at a hotel room with the excuse of ‘communicating’ with her and that she had to practice perverted masturbation as well as sex there.”

Unable to stand it any longer, the woman ran out of the room to ask for help, he recalled. “The problem is that it has never happened just once or twice.”

He claimed he and the alleged sexual assault victim were excluded from Kim’s films following the incident.

“I heard there was a female crew member who got pregnant because of him and aborted the baby.”

The revelation is the latest in sexual assault allegations involving the renowned movie director.

On Tuesday, MBC investigative news show “PD’s Notepad” reported allegations from three actresses who worked with him that they were constantly demanded to have sex with him and even raped during a film shoot.

Kim could not be reached for comment.