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Former Miss Korea accuses actor of abuse

Mar 20,2018
A former Miss Korea and actor whose name is unidentified appeared on the TV Chosun news show “News 7” for an interview on Sunday to accuse actor Lee Young-ha of sexually abusing her 36 years ago.

The actor said that after a photo shoot with Lee, he called her to his hotel room and sexually abused her.

“I remember he forced me onto the bed and I screamed ‘Help me.’ I was so in shock that I couldn’t do anything to stop him. Later I found bruises all over my body,” she reported.

She showed text messages she recently received from Lee. After she sent him a message about the pain she went through because of him, he casually replied, “It’s been a while. We should meet face to face so I can apologize and we can get a meal together. Let me know when you’re free and I’ll set up an appointment.” When she did not respond to his message right away, he followed up by saying, “I’m truly sorry! I want to meet with you in person to apologize.”

Lee has deleted all of his social media accounts, but has yet to make a statement regarding the allegations against him. The actor recently appeared on the second season of “Always Cantare,” a tvN reality show featuring celebrities becoming members of an orchestra.

By Sung Ji-eun