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Lee Tae-im hints at leaving entertainment

Mar 20,2018
Actor Lee Tae-im hinted on social media Monday that she may be leaving the acting world.

“I’ve been suffering too much and I want to live a normal life from now on,” Lee wrote.

After the post went viral, it was reported that Lee had dropped out of the MBN reality show “Flying Girl.” MBN told reporters on Monday that Lee decided to step down from her role on the show for personal reasons.

The actor was in the spotlight in 2015 after a video of her arguing with the singer Yewon of the girl group Jewelry went viral.

Both of the stars were criticized for their behavior and after the controversy died down, Lee took a step away from the entertainment industry for two years.

During Lee’s most recent appearance on “Flying Girl,” she held a fan meeting event that brought her to tears.

By Sung Ji-eun