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Kim Dong-ryul satisfies fans with new single

Mar 28,2018
Singer-songwriter Kim Dong-ryul released his new single titled “No Choice But To” on Tuesday.

Kim posted on social media, “There were some people who were disappointed in the small number of songs on my album ‘Reply.’ I thought hard about how I should release my single tracks.”

Kim explained that his new singles are songs that were supposed to be on his album, and that he wanted to release them as a continuation to the album. He said that each single will be released during the season that matches the style of the song.

According to Kim, the latest song is a bright and bubbly one, different from his usual calm and romantic songs that are relatively peaceful and serene.

The piece blends the singer’s beautiful voice with a flute and a French horn, with a band playing in the background. The song is about a fateful love story reminiscent of a romantic comedy movie.

By Sung Ji-eun