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Arario installation offers tranquil escape in Seoul

Apr 11,2018
The new art installation “Ultimate Space” by Jeju-based artist Jihyun Boo has transformed a room in the basement of the Arario Museum in Space into a dreamy and meditative space. [ARARIO MUSEUM]

The Arario Museum in Space located in central Seoul, is famous for cleverly installing art pieces throughout the building’s intricately-linked areas. The building was designed by the legendary Korean architect Kim Swoo-geun (1931-86).

Now, the museum has added another installation in homage to Kim’s concept of the “ultimate space,” which is a space for “meditation and composure.” Kim said such a space is needed “to keep and express humanity.”

The work, “Ultimate Space” by Jeju-based artist Jihyun Boo, has transformed a basement room into a dreamy and meditative space that reminds viewers of the sea along the shores of Jeju at night. Fishing lamps move up and down, while red light and fog spread to create illusions of water surfaces, waves and clouds. Viewers begin to feel as if they are submerged halfway in the water or floating in the mist.

“Viewers can see different landscapes from different viewpoints in this room,” Boo said. “I hope they will take a mental rest in the tranquility and changing landscapes of this room.”

BY MOON SO-YOUNG [symoon@joongang.co.kr]