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Ko Kyoung-pyo begins his military service

Apr 21,2018
Actor Ko Kyoung-pyo, 27, will enter a military training camp as an active duty solider today, according to a source from his agency CL & Company on Friday.

“[Ko shared that he] wanted to quietly enter the military so [we] decided not to reveal the location of his training camp,” said the source.

Through his agency, Ko said, “I will fulfill my duty as a Korean man and complete my mandatory military service with diligence and courage. [This military period] may be considered a long time to some or a short time to others, but I will do my best to return as a mature actor and person.”

Ko debuted in 2010 on the second season of the drama “Jungle Fish” and appeared in a number of well-known movies such as “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” (2014), “The Treacherous” (2015) and his recent film “Seven Years of Night” (2018). His most popular work was the drama series “Reply 1988” (2015).

By Sung Ji-eun