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Mamamoo’s Solar releasing music Tuesday

Apr 23,2018
Singer Solar of girl group Mamamoo will release part six of her project album “Solar’s Emotion” on Tuesday.

The upcoming EP will have four tracks including the song “Tears Falling.” The song is a Korean remake of the Japanese song “Nada Sou Sou” which was included on the soundtrack of a Japanese movie with the same title.

The singer released a music video teaser for the song on Friday.

Meanwhile, each Mamamoo member has stepped into the spotlight with solo efforts as part of the group’s “Four Seasons Four Colors” project. Member Hwasa released her solo single “Became Calm” on May 7, while Wheein released her first solo song titled “Easy” on April 17. The fourth member of the group, Moon Byul, is currently still working on her own solo release.

By Sung Ji-eun