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Kim Sa-rang is recovering from leg surgery

Apr 27,2018
Actress Kim Sa-rang had surgery earlier this week for a fractured leg she sustained in Italy last week, her agency said Thursday.

An official from Leo International said the 40-year-old actress received emergency medical treatment for her fractured right leg in Italy before coming back to Korea on Saturday for an operation.

The official denied local media reports on Wednesday that Kim fell into a manhole and fractured her leg.

“I can’t give you the details. But she didn’t fall into a manhole, nor was she involved in a car accident,” the official said.

“She was in shock and suffered great pains…She couldn’t have surgery in the country where she couldn’t communicate because of the language barrier. Getting aboard the plane to come home was also difficult.”

“She is currently taking a rest to recover,” the official added. Yonhap