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[Treasure] Bronze bells offer a look into ancient rituals, religion

May 14,2018
Name: Bronze Bells from Nonsan (Presumed)
Period: Unknown
Location: Yongsan District, central Seoul
Status: National Treasure No. 146

These bells were those used during a ritual in the Bronze Age.

They are said to have been found in Nonsan, South Chungcheong, and they include two paljuryeong (octagonal star-shaped ones with jingling bells attached to the eight edges), two ganduryeong (cannon shell-shaped bells), an “Ω”-shaped bell, and two dumbbell-shaped ones.

Paljuryeong makes a jingling sound when shaken, whereas Ganduryeong has very complicated and exquisite patterns.

The “Ω”-shaped bell works in the same way Paljuryeong does.

There are bells at each end.

They all display highly skilled workmanship, serving as important relics for those studying religion or rituals of ancient times.