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Lee So-yeon will divorce businessman

May 29,2018
Actor Lee So-yeon will divorce her husband after three years of marriage, according to her agency, King Entertainment, on Monday.

“Lee is in the process of negotiating divorce settlements,” said the agency. They explained that Lee decided on the divorce because of their personality differences.

The agency added, “The two will go on living their own separate lives, but will continue to encourage each other. This was a decision made after long consideration and discussion, so please refrain from any malicious comments or speculative articles.”

Lee married her husband, a younger businessman, back in 2015. The actor made her debut with the film “Untold Scandal” in 2003, and has since appeared in various projects such as the popular MBC historical drama “Dong Yi” (2010) and her most recent MBC series “Man Who Dies to Live” (2017).

By Sung Ji-eun