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Lee Tae-gon avoids assault charges

May 30,2018
After months of investigations and trials, the man who assaulted actor Lee Tae-gon last year was sentenced to prison on Tuesday.

In January 2017, the actor was approached by two men who wanted to shake his hand. When Lee declined their request, the two men got angry and attacked the actor with their fists and feet. Lee ended up with multiple injuries, including a fractured nose.

At the first trial, both men claimed that the actor provoked them and hit them. One of the men, surnamed Shin, was declared innocent, while his friend, surnamed Lee, was indicted and put on trial for assaulting the actor.

On Tuesday, the man was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of suspended setence.

Meanwhile, actor Lee is sued the two men for 300 million won ($277,667) for damages.

By Sung Ji-eun