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Jun. K is suffering from muscle paralysis

June 08,2018
Singer Kim Min-jun, better known as Jun. K from 2PM, is suffering from paralyzed muscles in his chin, according to local media outlet Sports Kyunghyang on Thursday.

The singer felt something was wrong with his chin while at a military training camp, and soon the muscles in his chin were paralyzed. According to the report, Kim had surgery on his face in April before entering the military. It is uncertain as to whether the surgery was the cause of his paralysis or if it was an injury sustained at camp.

JYP Entertainment, Kim’s agency, said, “The situation is hard for us to determine because it happened in the military.” They added, “We will release a statement as soon as we can confirm the details.”

In February, the singer was booked without detention for drunk driving, and after releasing an apology statement, the singer quietly entered the military on May 8.

By Sung Ji-eun