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Drunken Tiger releases ‘Bumaye’

June 28,2018
Local hip-hop legend Drunken Tiger released “Bumaye,” the second track off his upcoming 10th and final album, on Wednesday.

The song is a reggae number with a summer vibe. The message of the song was inspired by the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali and his champion mind-set. The lyrics touch on people’s obsession over numbers and rankings.

“Although the lyrics are in Korean, the song gives off a vibe as if you’re listening to an African rap. Along with the free flow of Tiger JK’s rap, [singer] Yoon Mi-rae will make a vocal feature in the chorus,” said his agency Feel Ghood Music.

The upcoming album will be the artist’s last under the name Drunken Tiger, but he will continue to make music under the name Tiger JK. Drunken Tiger was originally a hip-hop duo team made up of Tiger JK and DJ Shine.

The duo debuted in 1999 with their album “Year of The Tiger,” but after DJ Shine dropped out of the group in 2005, Tiger JK continued to make music and perform under the group’s name.

By Sung Ji-eun