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[Treasure] What the first movable type made

July 02,2018
Name: Dongnae seonsaeng gyojeong buksa sangjeol (Commentary on the History of the Northern Dynasties), Volumes 4, 5 and 6
Period: King Taejong of Joseon Period
Location: Seongbuk District, central Seoul
Status: National Treasure. No. 149

This book was published during the reign of King Taejong (r.1400-1418) using the country’s first copper movable type made in 1403 (the third year of the reign of King Taejong).

The first copper movable type (called Gyemija) are precious materials for those studying the development of movable type technology.

Since Gyemija was used only for a short period, there are few remaining books printed with it.

One page is missing in Volume 4 (pages 2 ~ 29).

No page is missing in Volume 5 (pages 1 ~ 19).

One page is missing in Volume 6 (pages 1 ~ 32). Still, it is in relatively good condition compared to Volumes 4 & 5.

The covers are discolored, and some letters are illegible. The book was printed more clearly than other books printed with Gyemija.

It is very valuable because it was printed with the country’s first copper movable type.