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U-Kiss members drop two songs in Japan

July 05,2018
A sub-unit composed of two members of K-pop boy band U-Kiss will released their first two singles in Japan on Wednesday, their management agency said.

The duo - Kiseop, right, and Hoon - released the singles “Train” and “Milk Tea” in Japan, according to NH EMG.

Kiseop composed “Train,” a song about youth, while Hoon created “Milk Tea,” a reply to Kiseop’s song.

“The two members of the same age, both skilled songwriters, composers and producers, came together as a unit through their musical interchange,” their agency said.

Also on Wednesday, U-Kiss leader Soohyun, who is currently serving in the military, will release a DVD featuring his live Christmas concert in Japan. A separate DVD featuring Hoon’s live solo performance will also go on sale the same day.

U-Kiss, meanwhile, is scheduled to go on a concert tour in Japan in August, performing in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.