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GFriend drops collection of summer songs

July 20,2018
K-pop girl band GFriend dropped a new collection of exuberant summer dance songs on Thursday.

The new EP “Sunny Summer,” which hit major music streaming platforms at 6 p.m. on Thursday, is the sextet’s first collaboration with the award-winning popular music producer and songwriting duo, Double Sidekick.

The title track “Sunny Summer,” is a dance pop tune that tells the story of a summer night, coupled with catchy dance moves.

“From its album title to the compilation of its tracks, [the EP] aims [to celebrate] the summer season. We hope ‘Sunny Summer’ will take off as a song that comes up every summer,” GFriend said at a press meeting on Wednesday, ahead of the album release.

“The choreography of the latest song looked less demanding than those for our previous songs, but we found it to be as physically demanding as before after going through the whole song because it involves a lot of hopping and jumping,” the members said with laugh.

The other tracks include “Vacation,” a tropical house tune, “Windy Windy” and “Sweety.”