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2018.8.1 Hotel Events

Aug 01,2018
Fraser Place Central and Namdaemun

To Aug. 31
: Fraser Place Central and Namdaemun will not only continue last year’s all-time summer favorite snack, chicken and beer, but also will include another ultimate favorite, pizza and beer, in its “Summer Happy Hour Package” snack option for guests.

The Summer Happy Hour Package includes: a chicken and beer set (chicken, sausages and two bottles of beer) or a pizza and beer set (one margherita pizza and two bottles of beer), a hotel premier beach ball and a breakfast buffet for two at First Floor Restaurant.

Fraser Place Central is known for its spacious rooms that include a kitchen and an indoor swimming pool all guests have access to. Also, three bedroom apartments are now available during its summer season to accommodate large groups.

Guests staying at Fraser Place Namdaemun with the Summer Happy Hour Package will have access to Fraser Place Central’s indoor swimming pool with a complimentary hotel shuttle bus service for convenience.

The Summer Happy Hour Package starts from 172,000 won ($156) for Central and 167,000 won for Namdaemun.

Fraser Place Central: (02) 2220-8000

78 Tongil-ro, Jung District


Fraser Place Namdaemun: (02) 2098-0888

58 Sejong-daero, Jung District


Conrad Seoul

To Sept. 10
: Conrad Seoul’s casual Cafe 10G, located in the hotel lobby, presents special seasonal drinks, new for this summer. Cafe 10G is bringing back its signature summer drink, the Ice Bar Latte, renowned for its homemade ice bar melting into the ice latte.

Growing in popularity every summer since its launch, one should sit back, relax and watch as the ice bar, made of double espresso and condensed milk, melts into the Ice Bar Latte, boasting a richer flavor as it melts.

Additionally this year, Cafe 10G launches the Green Tea Ice Bar Latte, which is infused with a clean taste of green tea. For a lighter flavor, choose the Rubber Duck Iced Tea served with a cute rubber duck on top.

It is the perfect way to quench your summer thirst and top-up on vitamins as the rubber duck-shaped sorbet is made of frozen berry tea from the prestigious Ronnefeldt tea selection.

This sweet, citrus iced tea is mixed with tasty and nutritious yuja (citrus junos) and grapefruit juices. Both new drinks have no caffeine so children can also enjoy these summer signature selections.

10G’s Summer Drinks are available at Cafe 10G, located in the lobby, for the summer season only. Each drink is priced at 6,600 won.

Conrad Seoul: (02) 6137-7000

10 Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo District


Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel

To Dec. 31
: Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel’s Feast presents a catering service tailored for children called “Kids To Go” for parents planning a birthday or a kid’s party at their child’s school.

The hotel’s chefs have created and prepared a special catering menu suited for 10 children. You can choose three cold dishes, three hot dishes and one dessert from 20 selections.

Available items include cajun chicken salad, gimbap (seaweed rice roll), rice ball, three kinds of sandwiches, fruit salad, fried shrimp, sweet and sour chicken, tteok galbi (Korean short rib patties), fried rice, pork cutlet, margherita pizza, seasonal fruit, mini cakes and more.

Each item is neatly packed in a take-out box to pick up at the hotel.

The price is 160,000 won including tax. With an additional charge, you can also order extra. It can also be delivered to party venues outside of the hotel if they are close to the hotel.

Reservations for the package should be made three days in advance.

Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel: (02) 2211-2100

662 Gyeongin-ro, western Seoul