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CNBlue members enter military

Aug 01,2018
Drummer Kang Min-hyuk, far right, and bassist Lee Jung-shin, far left, of rock band CNBlue began their military training on Tuesday, according to their agency FNC Entertainment.

Both members quietly entered different camps without sharing any information publicly beforehand.

In Korea, all able-bodied men are required to fulfill their mandatory military service for roughly two years.

Jung Yong-hwa, second from right, the lead singer of the band, was the first to enter the military in March, and their guitarist Lee Jong-hyun, second from left, will be the last to fulfill his duty. Lee is expected to enter sometime this month and has requested that the details of his entrance be kept private.

CNBlue formed in 2010, and they are known for their hits “Love,” and “Can’t Stop.”

By Sung Ji-eun