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YG reports cases of defamation to the police

Aug 15,2018

YG Entertainment swore to protect its artists from vicious internet comments and inappropriate content in February, and on Tuesday, the agency proved it was serious.

According to the agency, it reported 12 cases of defamatory comments and 57 people who either spread vicious rumors, obscene content or defamed their artists.

“We’ve been collecting evidence on the comments since February, and today we finished putting in our reports,” said the agency in an official press release.

Those who had been reported include people who wrote false and insulting content online against celebrities represented by YG, the evidence of which the agency had been collecting via an account they created for fans to report to since Feb. 19.

“This comes as a rare move in the entertainment industry, to take such a full-scale action. It acts as a message that we will not look lightly on groundless and vicious rumors anymore,” said YG.

By Yoon So-yeon