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Jun Hyo-seong and agency refuse to budge

Aug 30,2018
Both singer Jun Hyo-seong and her agency TS Entertainment disclosed that they will not negotiate her contract at trial held on Wednesday.

Originally, Jun claimed that she did not receive payment that she was entitled to from TS Entertainment while she was working with the agency. Jun enclosed evidence of her financial mistreatment and asked TS Entertainment to discontinue her contract in June 2017.

TS Entertainment dismissed her request. She then resorted to filing a suit against TS Entertainment in September 2017, in an effort to get out of her contract.

Wednesday was the fourth hearing in the trial. During the three previous sessions, both parties revealed that they had no intention of coming to an agreement.

“My client does not want to negotiate with Jun,” said TS Entertainment’s lawyer to the press after arriving at court on Wednesday. “She needs to return the contract’s down payment in order for there to be any room for discussion,” the lawyer added.

Jun vowed to pay back the down payment for her contract and agreed to give up the payments she was entitled to if TS Entertainment agreed to nullify her contract. TS Entertainment refused to change their stance that Jun continue her contract until 2021.

By Jeong Ju-won