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BTS fans angry about Akimoto collaboration

Sept 15,2018
BTS is facing backlash from Korean fans after reports surfaced on Thursday that the K-pop group worked with a controversial Japanese producer.

Yasushi Akimoto, best known for creating the Japanese girl group AKB48, worked with BTS on a song in an EP set to be released in Japan on Nov. 9.

Although his singles often become hits in Japan, Akimoto is controversial in Korea for his use of the Rising Sun flag, an insignia used by the Japanese military during its colonization of Korea, in AKB48’s costumes.

He has also received criticism for the misogynistic lyrics he writes for girl groups.

BTS fans took to online forums to express their disappointment with the collaboration.

They are demanding that Big Hit Entertainment, the boy group’s agency, sever ties with Akimoto.

By Jeong Ju-won