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Koo Ha-ra reveals her side of assault story

Sept 18,2018

Singer-turned-actor Koo Ha-ra told her side of the story regarding recent assault allegations and released photos of her scars in an interview with media outlet Dispatch on Monday.

In the interview, Koo disputed allegations made against her by her boyfriend, a hairdresser surnamed Choi, in an interview he did with Chosun Ilbo on Saturday.

According to Koo, Choi was often emotionally abusive to wards her after he found out that she had spent time with another man for work. On Sept. 10, Koo was out with her manager and another male associate to discuss a future photo shoot over lunch. Koo stated that when her boyfriend found out that she was with another male later in the week, he came over to her house.

“Choi cursed while pushing me. This was when I pushed him too. Then he grabbed my hair and threw me against a white board. Then he threw the air purifier at me. In the process I scratched him,” Koo admitted.

According to her roommate, who was also interviewed, Choi threatened that he was going to go public with their fight.

By Jeong Ju-won