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Jung’s Drug Restaurant tours U.S.

Oct 13,2018
Singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young and his rock band Drug Restaurant is heading to the United States to tour.

According to agency C9 Entertainment on Friday, Jung will be holding the 2018 JJY X Drug Restaurant U.S. Live Tour starting Sunday in Chicago and will visit four cities.

The band will visit Dallas on Oct. 17 and then head to Puerto Rico on Oct. 14 and finish the tour in New York on Oct. 21.

Jung is better known as a solo artist since gaining recognition on the television show “Superstar K” in 2012. He finished third place in the show’s artist competition program and later appeared on the popular comedy programs “2 Days & 1 Night” and “We Got Married.”

He made his solo debut with a mini album in 2013.

Jung formed the “Jung Joon Young (JJY) band” in 2015 and released the album “Escape to Hangover.” The band later changed its name to Drug Restaurant, and its songs include “Drink O2 in the water” and “403.”

Members of the band include lead vocalist Jung Joon-young, bassist Jung Seok-won, guitarist Jo Dae-min and drummer Lee Hyun-gyu.

By Yeo Ye-rim