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Oct 17,2018

“Bit Logic”
Label: Bloodshot Records

“Bit Logic’’ is the Missouri band’s 13th album since their 1993 self-titled debut, released when the Bottle Rockets were in the midst of the alt-country/Americana explosion.

To say little has changed since then would be an exaggeration because their lineup is different - with the current one intact for well over a decade - and might create an impression of stagnation. Au contraire, frontman Brian Henneman’s keen eye for the complications in simple lives only gets sharper and Josh Horton’s guitar is ever more thrilling as is the rhythm section of founding member Mark Ortmann (drums) and Keith Voegele, on bass since 2005.

“Bad Time to Be an Outlaw’’ has funky guitar parts coming at you from both speakers, like a roots-rock “Marquee Moon.’’ It adds itself to the long list of songs lamenting the glitz and marketing ploys of the Nashville scene. “My music’s good but my income sucks,’’ Henneman sings, a realistic grievance.

“Carrie Underwood don’t make country sound/But she can afford it when shit breaks down,’’ he intones later in the song.