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Sechskies fans take on singer

Nov 14,2018
Seventy fans of the boy band Sechskies filed a complaint with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office against the band’s vocalist Kang Sung-hoon and his official fan club Hoony World over allegations he embezzled fan donations.

“We sent around 100 million won [$82,400] of donations and ticket fees to [Hoony World’s] account from March 6 to April 15, 2017,” the fans said. “[Kang and his fan club managers have conspired] and embezzled the money.”

Kang denied on Tuesday afternoon that he embezzled the money, saying the allegations are untrue and that the truth will be revealed after investigation results come out.

In March 2017, the managers of the fan club started collecting donations from fans for an upcoming video exhibition commemorating 20 years of Sechskies. According to an announcement made by the band’s managers at the time, the money would be used to fund the exhibition, and it would donate the rest under the group’s name.

Following the exhibition, however, the fan club managers only released an estimate of the money used during the event, rather than the exact amount. This has raised suspicion among the fans that Kang and the managers embezzled these donations to use them elsewhere.

Kang also stirred fans’ anger after cancelling a fan meeting set to take place in Taiwan and for getting caught trespassing at his previous manager’s home in September. He has also cancelled his fan meeting in Japan in October.

Despite apologizing through his social media account on Oct. 4 for the allegations that have dogged him for the past few months, Kang will have to face legal action taken against him by his own fans.

By Yeo Ye-rim