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Koo Hye-sun opens exhibit in Paris

Nov 15,2018
Koo Hye-sun, the actor, movie director, songwriter, scriptwriter and artist, is holding her sixth private art exhibition this week in Paris.

According to her agency Partners Park, Koo’s art exhibition kicked off on Tuesday and will run until Friday in Galerie 89. The exhibition, funded by the Korean Fine Arts Association and Art Blue, runs under the theme “nothingness” and displays 25 pieces by Koo.

Koo debuted as an actor in 2004, appearing in the fifth season of the MBC comedy drama “Nonstop.” She is perhaps best known for her role in KBS’s 2009 drama series “Boys Over Flowers.”

She has also produced films. Her films include “Daughter” (2014), “Mystery Pink” (2018) and “Deep Sleep” (2018).

By Yeo Ye-rim