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GFriend’s Yuju appears with group

Nov 29,2018
Yuju from the girl group GFriend made an appearance on the V Live app on Tuesday after a month-long absence from public events.

On Tuesday, GFriend members Sowon and SinB greeted their fans through the app, introducing their dorm and their pets. Yuju then made a surprise appearance saying, “My Buddies (GFriend’s fan club name), my love, I missed you all!”

When asked about what she has been doing over the past month, she replied, “I was thinking about my Buddies.”

Fans of the girl group have been concerned about Yuju, who had not explained her absence from the group’s scheduled appearances. On Nov. 22, the group’s agency Source Music announced that Yuju was fine and that she would be returning in December.

By Yeo Ye-rim