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Opening up

Dec 06,2018
Artist Fiona Rae stands next to her painting “Figure 2e”(2016) at the new Cheongdam-dong branch of Hakgojae Gallery in southern Seoul. The abstract painting is part of the British artist’s first-ever solo show in Korea, which started on Nov. 23 as the inaugural exhibition of Hakgojae Cheongdam. The 11 paintings by Rae on view are characterized by the “mixture of high culture (abstract art) and low culture (cartoons and other abstract forms from pop culture),” the artist said. As the title of the painting suggests, her works are abstract paintings but, at the same time, portraits of characters in pop culture. With the Cheongdam branch, Hakgojae joins other major art galleries, who have recently moved to open new spaces for younger collectors. The exhibition runs through Jan. 20. Visit www.hakgojae.com for details.