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San E ends contract with agency

Dec 08,2018
Rapper San E has decided to terminate his contract with his agency Brandnew Music after five years with the company.

According to the agency on Thursday, both parties agreed to end the contract after long discussions.

The rapper has recently been in the news after releasing music that many deemed to be misogynist. On Nov. 16, he uploaded a song called “Feminist” on YouTube, in which he touched on gender-related issues from his point of view.

San E’s following songs “6.9cm” and “Ung Aeng Ung” mocked those who criticized him.

The rapper’s agency issued multiple apologies regarding the rapper’s actions over the past few weeks. The most recent apology came after San E insulted the audience during a performance at the Brandnew Year 2018 concert on Sunday because the audience stopped cheering when he stepped on stage.

By Yeo Ye-rim